“The House is Burning” Book Cover

“The House Is Burning” is the first faux book cover design in a series based on episodes from the “No-Rank Zendo Podcast” hosted by Rinzan Pechovnik Osho. The episode “Rinzai Roku: The Burning House,” is the inspiration for this design.

Initial Sketch.

When creating the design, I was visually inspired by the poster design work of Saul Bass and the “Houses-2017” series by artist Stefan Zsaitsits.

I used tracing paper to break the sketch into separate pieces, which I then used to transfer on to construction paper. The person, fire, door, chimney, smoke and title were all made from cut-paper. The roof and facade were made using Speedball printing ink and the pochoir technique.

After finishing the analog portion, I scanned each part separately and arranged them back together in photoshop. I edited the colors and composition and finally added the artwork to a psd. book cover mock-up. The added author “Don Birman” is based on the main protagonist from Charles Jackson’s book “The Lost Weekend.” The font I used for the cover and spine is Providence Sans Pro, Regular.

VisArts Call for Illustrators Poster Design

Final Design.

Refined Sketch.

For the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, I was selected among four featured illustrators to design the following year’s call for illustrators poster. I focused on the word, “call” and played with different ideas centered around the telephone. I’ve always liked the simplicity and charm of the “tin can phone” and used the visual element of the connecting string to spell out “Call for Illustrators.”

Photo Collage Inspo.

I wanted to make the poster in the style of a collage like my cut-paper work, so I decided to start with a photo collage of varioius different people standing by a window and used that as a basis for my sketch. All the images used in the collage were sourced from Pinterest.

Richmond Community Fridge Map T-Shirt Design

Final Design.

This project was part of RVACF’s call for artist to design a t-shrit displaying a small map of a specific community fridge. The fridge I was assigned is located by Tequlia & Deadlifts on W.Carry St. in Richmond.

T-shirt Mockup.

Intial Sketch.

The Chesst Shirt

The “Chesst Shirt” was a group assignment to develop a new mode of playing Chess.

Our first idea dealt with portability and being able to play the game on-the-go. That then morphed into the idea of a wearable chessboard. 

The shirt came attached with a velcro chess board and pieces on the front. The wearer of the shirt could play the game on the go or remove the board from the velcro and play while sitting down. The board also came equipped with hidden magnets and velcro hooks so the board could be mounted or hung from almost anywhere.

The wearer can also decide to leave the board at home all together and simply wear the graphic tee underneath. 

Watch the “Chesst Shirt” in real-world action below ︎

Music: "Breeze" by The Deli.

Punk Rock Show Flyers

For a class project, I was tasked to develop 10 flyers for a fictional punk rock band. Instead, I chose to make one flier for ten fictional bands. Such bands include the great “Coffee Breath Cologne,” “Sick Society,” “Bum School Dropouts,” and Peach Fuzz Mustache.”
Most of the flyers were made using hand-made drawings combined with digital fonts added in photoshop.Some of the fonts I used include: CF Anarchy, CF Punk is not Dead, Calder, PRINTF, HVD Rowdy, Rinse, Folk OT and Folk Rough OT. Two of the flyers, Madam Martyr and Mailman Army, are all hand-made.

Punk-Rock Show Flyers (1-10)