“We’ll Catch You If You Fall” Children’s Book Illustrations

First Page.

"We’ll Catch You If You Fall" is a story about an adventurous baby monkey who gets stuck in a giant tree and is thankfully rescued with the help of some tiny, cheery, musical birds. Written by Dan Reinherz, each page is illustrated using layered paper cut-outs, textured with Caran d’Ache wax pastels. Completed in November 2023.

First Page Sketch.

Initial sketches and character designs:

We’ll Catch You If You Fall Finished Illustrations:

Spread of pages 4 & 5.

Book Cover
“We’ll Catch You If You Fall” is available now on Amazon: 


Perfect for children aged 2-6 years old, this book shares a great lesson on the importance of kindness, understanding, and knowing it’s always okay to ask for help.

Barnyard Atelier: VisArts Fall 2023 Class Catalog Illustrations


Final Cover Art 

In the earlier sketches of the cover design, the duck had replaced an Airedale Terrier and the animals were orginally to be wearing clothes. The composition is mixed-media, made using cut-paper collage, ink, soft body acrylic paint, tape and color pencil. Each component was crafted individully and composed in Photoshop. The background and figure sketches were added digitally. 

Barnyard Atelier is a series of illustrations completed for the Fall 2023 class catalog at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. Featured are the catalog’s cover design and 5 spot illustrations.

Intial composite sketch.

Proposal Sketch.

Here are some of the full paper cut-outs of the animals featured on the cover:


“The Laborer” Modeled in clay 1891.Alfred Boucher  Cast by F. Barbedienne.

Bull Sculpting Spot Illustration

Cropped Spot Illo for Print Use.

Three Pigs Wearing Turtle Necks and Tiny Glasses Discussing the Reitveld Red and Blue Chair Spot Illustration.

Refined Sketches.

Sheep Yarn Bombing a Tractor Spot Illustration.