The Mind Garden (Series)

The “Mind Garden” series began with a commissioned piece for a friend of mine (shown below). The only thing he requested was something abstract, the rest was entirely up to me. The piece went from originally only being 11x14 inches to 12x36 inches. After I finished the commission, I turned my attention to exploring this new style, full of shapes and color and collage.

A lot of the work is heavily inspired from plants and gardens I see while
walking around my own neighborhood.

Then I draw intricate floral shapes and the little characters that inhabit the garden onto tracing paper. I’ll use these later to transfer to the color paper for cutting.

Each piece in the series is made a little differently but the process typically begins by sketching with colored pencils and crafting out a composition.

I arrange all the pieces to match my original design and then begin gluing everything down using 3M mounting adhesive and PVA glue.